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Welcome to the Home page of The Macarism Group, a Happy Enterprise based on the doctrine, ideology, philosophy, principles, policies and practice of Macarism. We are committed to what The Enlightened One Buddha
said about achieving Happiness, is when your words and works are of goodness to those intended & yourself, without harming others. So please access our services to serve solutions for success & happiness. We thank you for your interest & we invite you to visit this website often.
The Macarism Group’s Corporate mascot is a person-object idol of Maitreya, also know as Pu-tai Ho-shang & Hotei, a laughing & happy Buddhist monk; a symbol of JOY for prosperous health, wealth & happiness, holding the Goodness-box of abundance. Also known as Laughing Buddha & Happy Buddha of Rich Rewards holding a Gold Ingot in the air with both hands is a symbol of rich rewards, known to encourage great wealth into your home & workplace.
Macarism’s Hearty-Smarty-Happy face is pictured from the “M” script to imply a heady-mind, heartily-passionate & smiley-friendly interface.

Macarism Happiness Book
"MACARISM - The Right Way to Happiness with others", a book, #1 on the HAPPINESS HAPPENING Inspirational series for a fulfilling life. Ideal for individuals, groups, organizations and countries in the quest of Durable Happiness. Qualitative and Quantitative WIN-WIN Happiness for self & others.
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The Macarism Group, a happy enterprise serving for happiness.
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